istoo (istoo) wrote,

Wolves in the walls

Short version : Met Vladimir. saw Wolves in the Walls, was good, liked it.

Long version :
userinfovladimirsever was in the UK for a short break, and was in London for a few days this Easter weekend.

Met up and went to a pub to chat, nice bloke. He managed to get some tickets to Wolves in the Walls play and there was a seat available. He asked if I wanted to go see it and I said okay.

Got there a little late (how late is fashionably late?), didn't miss too much of it.
Was my first time to a theatre. The show was good, fun, funny. The audience liked it, the children and adults grown ups alike laughing at the different parts. There was 3 bows at the end, because the audience kept on applauding.

Oh, and Dr. Who's back.

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