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I don't want to sound like I'm unfeeling or unsentimental, but I don't seem to miss people much when they are not around. Perhaps it is because I don't mind being by myself, or that I have gotten used to not seeing family all the time every day. Starting with going to school and not seeing family until home again, up to working and being away from home for most of the day / week.

Another factor could be knowing that sometimes the people you used to know and see at school or work tend to leave (or you leave them) and not likely to see them much again after that. I have seen a few old schoolmates and occasionally spot someone from my past, but the majority of people I knew I have lost contact with.

With family, if someone goes on a trip or is away for a time, I don't seem to feel unduly worried (but still hope they remain safe). Similarly with internet friends, as long as I think they are okay, I don't have to worry that they haven't made much contact or updated their blog for a while (I just have to assume that they are busy, and 'no news is good news').

I don't want to think that 'familiarity breeds contempt' but maybe I just haven't found someone that I miss when they are not around.

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