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Hi, how are you all? I am ok; cold, tired, achey (or just "fine" as I usually say). I haven't had much happen to write about, but I thought I'd better say something before anyone starts wondering. Haven't been able to write anything, so have been playing around with whatever comes along that I can get ideas from.

Since Cleolinda mentioned ambigrams a while back, I have been trying to make some up. I'd ask if you would want to see my sketches (does that line work?) but they are just scribbles while I work out the letter shapes. So I made a few of them to show off you.

Ambigram n., - a word or words that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, such as both right side up and upside down. (from Latin: ambi=both gram=letter)

Axver - Image Hosted by

Dushtiche - Image Hosted by

Heaven - Image Hosted by

Morven - Image Hosted by

Redyu - Image Hosted by

Some are trickier to do than others, and I have some more to work out.
Tags: graphicky

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