istoo (istoo) wrote,

Waiting to fall

Here's a new one, that I started, though had taken a little while trying to get phrases and words to finish it. Had a start and end, but no middle or title until later.

Waiting to fall

I want to slip unnoticed into the night.
But no, I am chained here waiting, wanting to be set free,
free to roam and search another realm.

Don't want to be here still, must get away
while the twilight still holds the land
and return here in time before the morn,
when the sun has reached the sky to begin the day anew.

Standing waiting next to a height, where I
want to fall but cannot leap into this black unknown,
have to fall to reach the oblivion that I desire.

Feel restless here while covered up as though cocooned.
Although to get away, to escape, I should not resist,
nor fight, or concentrate my thoughts.
I need to let go, let flow the tension.

Mostly alone in this slumbering world,
with the occasional passerby rumbling
on their journey in the night
or the pitter patter of precipitation on glass.

I lie here waiting, hearing my metronome heart
counting down the minutes until the approaching dawn,
listening to my thoughts float in the empty night air.

I imagine the stars high above shining in the sky,
while drifting out to see what there is for me,
in the pause between night and day,
that flies by as though the blink of an eye.

My bonds begin to loosen, restraints weakening,
no longer feeling held down, I ease away
knowing, hoping for the inevitable sweet surrender.

I start to fall, I cease to stir, I fade away.

notes : don't want to explain this one yet, I think you can guess what it is about. Hope there are enough clues for you to work it out. Sort of started as a poem like my previous ones, with shortish lines, but writing phrases and working it out seemed to come up with longer lines. [Wonder if I was influenced by picasso75's entry The Day that I climbed Half Dome that I read recently.]
Tags: poetry, writing

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