istoo (istoo) wrote,

Look see

Different people see things in different ways, depending on their views, perspective, up bringing, their minds, ideas, the things have happened to them before, their experience.

Was interested to read tazzerath's post about superficiality (expialidocious). I think you mostly said it all, I don't have much to add to it.

With sight being a primary long range sense, we are more likely to use vision to quickly assess situations and other people. I think they say that you make a first impression in the first few seconds of meeting someone (about 5 or 7 seconds for things like interviews), and so are judged first by how you look.

One new thing is chatrooms and other forms of communication by the internet, that don't require having to see the other person (although now you can have webcams or pictures, photos shown so others can see you). I suppose it is like the old version of pen pals, correspondence by mail that did not usually involve seeing the other person, unless a photograph was sent.

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