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Maybe I can write poetry more easily than I write prose (certainly more than fiction). I'm not much of a writer, fiction wise, at all. Certainly needs a different way of thinking and writing for prose and fiction. Poetry I think I can do, though not sure how to do prose as much, as it is a different thing all together. Need to look up more information, do some research of facts and details. They say there is a book or novel in each of us, but I haven't seen a trace my one yet. Someone told me about which is short for National Novel Writing Month, happens during the month of November. I didn't do it before, as haven't written any before, don't know why can't. Also I was doing nokia game last November instead.

Scarlet : for some reason, Taz said "I find it interesting how you say 'anywhere and everywhere'." whereas I said "The short answer would be anything and everything that I read or hear or perhaps see.", so that may be a cause of confusion. So I can't really say that my ideas come from places as such, they sort of come to me out of the blue sometimes as well. I might get inspiration from something I have seen, read or heard like a song, it's mostly words or ideas. Not sure if a place may bring inspiration in itself, depends on the place I guess, though I could get ideas any place where my mind can wander and not have to concentrate / be bothered with calculating or stuff like that.

Taz : You also said "To me this is what true artristry is about, no matter what your profession. It's just how you express it. If you are a poet you write it down; if you are a painter you paint it, a photo-journalist you take pictures." which I guess that is true in that you use whatever medium you are good / familiar with. I know that I'm not good with graphic art, illustrations, that sort of thing. So words are mostly what I have, and I guess mostly poetry rather than prose or fiction. Though now with digital cameras and not having to worry about wasting film, I could maybe borrow someone's camera and try to take pictures for fun.

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