istoo (istoo) wrote,

Into the Dark

I wanted to write it as a drabble, but it wouldn't fit well into 100 words, so now it's a fic of indefinite length (269 words) and not much of storyline. Kind of inspired by the Tia Maria adverts I see around at the moment.

It wasn't long before he looked at her. Not that he was unaware of her presence, she was the first person his eyes were drawn to as he entered the bar. No, it was because he could feel her gaze upon him, watching, appraising. For some reason he could swear that she had piercing green eyes, even though he was too far away to tell. He imagined, perhaps, that her dress was chosen to match them.

He stood up and walked over, but could not say whether it was of his own accord or if he was being lured to her. There was space around her, even in the crowded place. It was as though everyone else were afraid to come close to her, perhaps they wanted to be out of her immediate reach.

Usually, he was confident with women, but this time he felt unsure, as though he was the quarry, and she a huntress. They exchanged pleasantries, he used his tried and tested opening moves. But even as he said his lines, he realized that they were ineffectual, weak in that situation. He knew that she was toying with him, that if she so desired, she could wave him away with but a word or a gesture and humiliate him, make him feel like a small boy sent to his room without supper.

He was surprised at his relief when she agreed, even though her tone suggested she had said those same words so many times and were beginning to lose their meaning.

As they left together, she began to memorize the features of her latest victim.

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