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20 random things

[Random 20 things meme - Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.]

I was born in Britain, so I'm a British Born Chinese (BBC), though I don't usually use that expression at all.
I'm more English than Chinese, so probably eccentric. I think in english.

Still living in the same town / city for most of my life.

I've only left the country on two trips. (To the same other place, Hong Kong.)

I am older than I look. People think I'm younger than my real age, which is nice.

Though sometimes I really feel old(er).

I'm generally healthy, didn't have too many sick days at school, not many at work.

Not very lactose intolerant, milk is okay to me. My mum said I didn't drink much as a baby, so that might be related.

I usually have 1 or 2 cups of tea a day. Practically every day.

With milk and two sugars.

Not into supporting teams of any sports (football/soccer, cricket, rugby etc.), though will cheer if England / Great Britain / UK do well.

Can drive, but don't have a vehicle.

Doesn't matter as lost my license - that is it went missing, not that I had it revoked or taken away. Haven't gotten around to applying for a new one.

I can't dance, or sing. Not that I would want to try in public.

I can whistle, but not very loudly.

I'm usually chocolate resistant - can buy chocs for others and not eat them myself.

Have spent more money on one pair of spectacles than for any clothes shopping this year.

My eyes are brown and my hair's a mess.

I'm short sighted, so wear my glasses on all day.

Had glasses since my teens, a long long time ago (not a galaxy far far away).

I have like 2 pairs of shoes. One is black leather that I've worn for interviews and haven't worn for a long time (though did wear them once last year). The other pair are trainers which I wear all the time. I buy new pairs when the old pairs are starting to disintegrate.

If I leave this list unnumbered, would anyone notice how many are on the list?

I get distracted easily, especially when there is something I could be doing. Took me a few days working out what to write, and a number of hours before I finally finished the list.

Wish I had a more better list of randomosities.
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