istoo (istoo) wrote,

not actually about anything?

Oh dear, another late night entry because I had been jumping about the net, and reading other peoples' live journals. And then getting stuck for something to write. Well I have found a few journals of other people who are interested in a few of the same areas that i am, so will add them to my list to watch and read, and perhaps get an idea of their interests, so I can make my own list. I'm a sort of copy from example type person, either that or lazy and unimaginative.

Managed to write a bit of text, and I haven't even gotten around to writing on a subject for this post. Don't have much of a clue yet, and so no title either, which I would perhaps make up at the end, after getting idea of the subject.

Maybe this one will be a general entry, with bits and bobs. I could do another about me entry later, when I get a life worth writing about. So any random, short pieces of information I could use here? I had been thinking of starting another live journal, (you can do that right? have more than one at a time? think so, but I should check the faqs to make sure.) one with just day to day events type stuff, which may get a little boring. Not to mention how tricky I'm finding just writing one journal is already, a second one may get dull very quickly.

*Ponder* Guess I have enough text to pass off as an entry and post and be away procrastinating again. The spell-checker does not like abbreviations (contractions actually) it seems, or live journal without a space between them.

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