istoo (istoo) wrote,

Drama teen

[Tues 28 Sept 2004]
Long ago, before the internet was around (it's true, I was there!), we used to watch a lot of television. Or perhaps I should say before the internet reached us at home, we mostly watched a lot of tv programmes. These days though, I think that I am less in front of the tv screen, and more likely to be in front of a computer monitor.

Cannot remember them all, and you probably don't want a long list, but used to watch shows like Thirtysomething, Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five, Dawson's Creek, Friends, among others. Things like dramas and sit-coms, teen shows etc.

They are probably not very good representations of life in general, but sometimes you get to see how things can happen to people and how they could try to solve those dilemmas and get through incidents. Sort of live a little vicariously through there tv lives while they handle their day to day goings on situations because they may face problems that I may not have to face.

I could maybe use it as a way to get an idea of the issues that can affect a person's life, on how others might be able to handle it when things happen. Though probably not so dramatic, exciting or spectacular as they make it happen on tv. It's not quite the same when in real life if it happens to you.

Not sure if I learned much from tv shows, as I probably didn't learn some from my parents (who always listened to their parents, especially when they tried to tell you something important about life?). Even if I can't see the solutions for some problems that may show up in life, sometimes I can understand another view point, if it has been portrayed on tv before.

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