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Lost fic : About her

Had an idea for another Lost fic. 228 words. I later posted it here.

I can try another fic, now that it won't look like I'm the only one posting them. :) Just a short silly one, which seemed a better idea when I had it in my head.

Title: About her
Rating: PG (or whatever rating is before it)
Summary: Short and silly, just for fun.

He had been working for a while, so now was taking a break. Helping people can be tiring. He watched as she walked along the beach and stopped to talk to someone. His thoughts turned to her.

'Yeah she's pretty, but she could be dangerous too. Well, we all have our secrets, things that we would not want everyone else to know about. And now we know one of her's - she is a criminal that was travelling with that marshal. I wonder what her crime was.

Boy, it was such a shock when I saw her mugshot pictures, but it was not as bad as when I found out that she got hold of a gun. Luckily she didn't use it, just that stupid Sawyer guy. He's such an idiot.

Only three of us know her secret, and I don't think we'll be telling anyone. Don't want everyone to get worked over it, while she is being nice and helpful. She's probably a good person, but we might have to be a little careful around her.

Take it one day at a time. Who knows how our secrets can affect us here on this island. Who knows how long we will be here?'

Just then his reverie was interrupted, as someone wanted his help again.
"Hi, Hurley isn't it? I'm Charlie. Do you know anything about catching fish?"

I wanted to try a twist in the tail, but the problem was trying to get the voice of the character in his head, without giving away who it was (didn't want to use the word 'dude', as that would have been too easy). From what I can tell, only those two saw the mugshots and kept the info mostly to themselves.
Tags: fiction

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